Mayor Annise Parker’s Top 10 Twitter Zingers of 2015

Too often, a politician’s social media presence is a sanitized product of personal branding and messaging, run by risk-averse consultants or PR firms that fuss over every phrase. That’s why Mayor Annise Parker’s Twitter has always been such a refreshing breath of fresh air. Whether it’s addressing a citizen’s concern, commenting on local or national politics, or anything else, she’s always very frank to say what she thinks, perhaps sometimes to her staff’s concern.

Here are the Mayor’s top 10 zingers of 2015, ranked in severity of burn.

10. Squirrels


Squirrels of Houston, you win this round, but consider yourself On Notice.

9. Houston Chronicle writer Evan Mintz

Mintz wrote up a fantastic Game Of Thrones-based guide to the 2015 Houston mayoral race.

Later, he pointed out an apparent difference between the civic focuses of Austin and Houston.

8. Houston’s Terrible Motorists

Soon after completion of the Lamar Street protected bike lane, cars parking in it became a problem. The Mayor wasted no time calling them out.


Houston gets a lot of rain, so we get a few flooding events most years. Citizens are warned against driving into floodwaters. A common refrain heard during flooding from media, public officials, and regular citizens is, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.” There’s always those few that don’t seem to get the message, though.


And then there’s the texters.

7. Newstonians

Tens of thousands of people move to Houston every year from all over the world, and we welcome them with open arms. Still, we can’t help but grin when we see those tell-tale signs that we’re talking to a Newstonian: They like an imported taco shop, they prefer an east coast donut shop over a Houston-born one, or they don’t pronounce bayou correctly.

6. Someone who blamed her for the weather

Amid all the rain and flooding, several events were canceled by the event runners, not by the City. That didn’t stop people from sending their complaints directly to the Mayor.

 5. Adrian Garcia

Following former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia’s defeat in the 2015 Houston mayoral race, he quickly announced he’d be running against Congressman Gene Green in the primary for Texas’ 29th Congressional District.

4. Carly Fiorina

HP’s stock fell 55% before Fiorina was ousted as CEO.

3. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Just a little over one month later, Paxton was indicted for securities fraud.

2. Lance Berkman

As the most well-known opponent of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance, former Astros player Lance Berkman filmed ads pressing for its repeal. The Mayor wondered where this apparently new-found opposition to equal rights ordinances came from.

1. A Houston Equal Rights Ordinance opponent

Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance would have protected 15 different classes of individuals, but opponents focused all of their efforts on just one of those classes, gender identity, with a sycophantic and obfuscatory focus on bathrooms.


Stay tuned to the Mayor on Twitter for the last couple weeks of 2015 to see if she sneaks in any more zingers before the year is out!

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5 Responses to Mayor Annise Parker’s Top 10 Twitter Zingers of 2015

  1. Jim Henley says:

    Annise should be required to continue to tweet as a civilian……..she is good!

  2. Rick Ruble says:

    Luv our Mayor. Wish she could be re-elected.

  3. Melissa's Mom says:

    Just want to thank the Mayor for a job well done.

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