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Mayor Annise Parker’s Top 10 Twitter Zingers of 2015

Too often, a politician’s social media presence is a sanitized product of personal branding and messaging, run by risk-averse consultants or PR firms that fuss over every phrase. That’s why Mayor Annise Parker’s Twitter has always been such a refreshing breath … Continue reading

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The new Bagby Street should be a point of pride for Houston

Since a bicycle is my primary mode of transportation, I spend a lot of time thinking (obsessing?) about things like cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure and access. Houston has historically been a city that is very hostile to pedestrians, with some … Continue reading

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Main Street as Pedestrian and Bike Corridor

The Vulnerable Road Users Ordinance that was passed by Houston’s City Council requires motorists to give 3 feet of space when passing a vulnerable road user (cyclists, pedestrians, etc.)  This ordinance makes it impossible for a motorist to legally pass … Continue reading

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Beer Pirate Andy

Many of our local Houston breweries will release special beers periodically that are only brewed one time (Saint Arnold’s Divine Reserve and Bishop’s Barrel series, Karbach’s F.U.N. Series, etc.) These are styles of beers that are less common to brew … Continue reading

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